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Since 9/11, airport security has increased significantly. Although the purpose of this increase in security was to combat terrorism, there have been other consequences as well. Specifically, this heightened security has led to an increase in the number of arrests occurring at airports across the United States, including Phoenix’s Sky Harbor Airport. Arrests may occur for a variety of different reasons, from violent acts to possession of illegal drugs. Regardless of the nature of the charges, you need a qualified and experienced attorney representing you in your case.
Common Airport Offenses
You get arrested at the airport for almost any type of violation. However, some violations are more common at the airport than others. Some of the most common offenses include:
  • Drug possession – If you have illegal drugs in your luggage or on your person, you may be arrested for possession. In some cases, the drugs may be discovered by dogs. In others, the security personnel scanning or inspecting your baggage may find evidence of the drugs.
  • Possession of a weapon – If you have a weapon with you in the airport, you may face charges even if the weapon was obtained lawfully. In many cases, weapons are discovered with the airport’s x-ray scanning machines.
  • Assault – Being in the airport tends to put people on edge, especially during lengthy layovers or times of overcrowding. In some cases, this can lead to disputes. If you get into an altercation with another person at the airport, you may be arrested for assault.
  • Disorderly conduct – As with assault charges, disorderly conduct charges are often related to being in close quarters with other people in a high stress situation. The addition of alcohol, which is typically available at the airport, can further exacerbate these problems.

The possible penalties for conviction vary considerably based on the charge, your criminal history and many other factors. If you are convicted, your penalties may include time in jail or prison, fines and more. Even after you have served your sentence, the conviction will remain on your record. These penalties can be life-altering, so it is important to do everything you can to avoid conviction.

Marijuana Charges

One of the most common charges faced by travelers at Arizona airports is marijuana possession. At this time, 32 other states in the U.S. have laws that permit the possession and use of marijuana for medical and/or recreational purposes. However, Arizona’s laws are much stricter. If you are traveling from a state where your possession of marijuana would be legal, you may not realize that you will face charges if the drug is discovered in an Arizona airport. Even if you never use the drug while you are in the airport, the state can still charge you if they find the substance on your person or in any of your bags. In addition, because of more flexible laws regarding search and seizure in the airport, these types of discoveries have become very common.

Fighting Airport Charges

If you are facing charges after an arrest at Sky Harbor Airport, you need a competent attorney on your side. Even if the state has evidence against you, there are still many ways to combat these charges and avoid conviction. For example, if the airport security staff found drugs or weapons in your luggage, they may have violated your constitutional rights in the process. Even though security personnel have a significant amount of flexibility when performing these searches, the U.S. Constitution still protects you from unreasonable search and seizure. If your attorney can show that the search performed was illegal, the charges against you will be dropped.

If you are facing charges for an arrest that occurred at the airport, you may assume that you can contact any criminal defense attorney to represent you. However, not all attorneys are equally equipped to deal with these situations. For this reason, it is important to look for an attorney who understands the laws that most often apply in these cases and has experience representing people who were charged with crimes at the airport.

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