An individual who has been charged or convicted of a crime has a few different options for seeking help and relief from the criminal justice system.  One of these types of help includes filing an appeal to have a criminal conviction overturned or sentence reduced.  The stress and strain of fighting through an initial court battle is tough enough, but being forced to deal with the repercussions and subsequent appeal are even more nerve-wracking.  Federal criminal appeals are subject to strict limitations periods, which means you need to act immediately if you want to appeal the final judgment.  The complicated process of criminal appeals should only be dealt with through the assistance of an experienced Phoenix criminal appeals attorney with a proven success rate who knows how to navigate the system.

Why Should I Appeal?

In Arizona, every person is entitled to appeal their final judgment.  The only aberration is if you have been sentenced to death – an appeal is automatic to the state supreme court.  Appealing an unfair judgment is vital if you want to preserve your rights.  Filing a notice of appeal does not mean that you will necessarily get offered the ability to reappear in court, but it is a step in the right direction.  Appealing your case if you received an unsatisfactory judgment is the only way to get further relief.

An appeal may only be taken by the defendant from:

  • Final judgment of conviction
  • Order denying a motion for a new trial
  • Order made after judgment affecting the substantial rights of the party
  • Sentence on the grounds that it is illegal or excessive

Appellate Attorneys

Clients will often hire a separate attorney for their appellate review.  A new Phoenix, AZ criminal lawyer will be able to bring fresh perspective to your case and can potentially find new arguments the prior trial attorney did not research.  A new attorney will further be able to review the trial documents and determine whether your initial attorney protected your rights as required under the Constitution.

Dwane Cates | Phoenix, Arizona Criminal Appeals Attorney

While the odds of winning an appellate case are not as great as winning the initial trial case, Dwane Cates brings a high level of experience in defending clients through the appellate stage.  His record is excellent in representing those convicted at the trial level.   The appellate process is long, arduous, and confusing, and it is important to have an attorney on your side who you trust and who has a stellar record of winning cases.

Dwane Cates is well respected in the Arizona and even nationwide legal community, and is often called upon to discuss major criminal cases that have made national headlines in the news.  It is this insight that is important in hiring an appeals attorney.  Please do not hesitate to contact our offices today for your initial consultation.


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